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    Brazilian Women South Florida Group – Mobile app

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    Project description:

    Created in October 2013 with the objective of discussing relevant themes related to Brazil, the Brazilian Women Group is composed of women from different segments and backgrounds, with a similar purpose of being protagonists to build a better country. It has a purposeful agenda with action plans on causes such as education, entrepreneurship, violence against women, social projects, racial equality, a quota for women and culture. Currently, with more than 35,000 women and present in almost all states of Brazil, the group has been expanding out of the country, in South Florida since February 2019.

    The Brazilian Women Group of South Florida supports the local Brazilian community in the area by providing relevant information about the American Education system, Health, Prevention against violence and abuse, entrepreneurship, among other themes. The objective is to provide information in Portuguese and  inform the community about all the benefits available and how to have access to them.

    Currently, the Education Committee developed a document, with questions and answers, and we want to make it easily available in people’s cell phones. Other committees have also created Q&A’s and want to do the same.

    The concept is to develop an app that allows people to have access to the document at the tip of their fingers, without the need to download pdf or other documents. The app will open each question and the answer will be presented. 

    We need to find a developer who wants to volunteer in developing the app and helping us to make it available to the community.


    1. Tarun Kumaar

      Hi. I am interested in working on this project. Let me know if I can contribute through my design skills

    2. John Yzaguirre


      I saw your post about this project and wanted to invite you to our community of web app developers, designers, project leaders and mentors. We put together teams of people who want to make a positive impact through technology.

      This is volunteer based and we combine mentors with years of experience, motivated juniors ( usually college senior or above ), and project leaders ( that would be you ). You are setup with a toolset that is 100% free and requires zero setup time, allowing you to get down to making your digital product. Teams are also able to showcase their progress through cross-pollination meetings if you decide to participate.

      It only takes a few minutes to check out our discord so I hope you will stop by and go to the announcements page where I’ve left a quick welcome video ( this was actually a presentation I made live yesterday ).

      Best of luck with your project and hope to see you in our introductions channel =)

      link to our discord channel:


    3. marcosribeirodejesus

      Hello I’m Brazilian and very interested in working on this project too. You can message me on +5561993203363 as well.

    4. Jason James

      Hi, I am very interested in working on this project. I have over 15 years experience in software and website developmentnand am based in London. Feel free to call or message me on +447862835309. Thanks


    Jason James
    IT professional specialising in system design, development and management
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