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    App Development for new donation platform

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    Project description:

    Chary On Top is a new platform which will help both charities and donors connect easier and faster! We are creating a platform were a donor can sign up and choose from a list of only transparent charities to make an easy one-click donation. We are uniting all kinds of causes without limiting a donor, they can make the donation from a range of just a £1 to £20 whenever they want. And the great thing is they won’t be disturbed by emails or phone calls to pressure them to make more donations. The donor simply swipes through the charities, picks and clicks on one to read the details. A short paragraph of description of the cause, amount of money raised, access to the charities website and most importantly a simple info graph to reflect the transparency of the charity is available for every charity. If the donors are satisfied with the information, they can donate just with a tap.  

    Chary On Top isn’t just a platform for donations, it also has two other important services; events and jobs. The donors can simply find available volunteer or paid jobs from the platform and sort them by charities, date, location and the amount of payment. It functions just like Linkedin only for charities. If the position doesn’t require specific skills or experience they can simply apply from the app with their existing info (Name, surname, email) if not they can access to the charities’ website through our app. The same system works with the events. If the user wants to attend to the event he/she can simply read the details and book it through our app.

    With Chary On Top we are trying to make the donor experience as fast and simple as possible. We know that one of the biggest obstacles to get the donors to make more contribution is the effort they have to put in to research to find out if the charity is legitimate and if it is, they have to fill in so many unnecessary informations just to make a one time donation. Donating is a heartfelt gesture, and it is a momentary feeling to do good and we don’t want donor to loose their momentum before they make their donations. Chary On Top is a new marketing strategy for charities, no calls, no emails, no commissions, no paper waste and no limitations! Let’s change the world one tap at a time.

    Now all we need is the perfect developer to transform our dream in to codes!

    Who wants to be the chary on top?


    1. dhananjaysarsonia

      Hi, Android developer here with four years of experience on more than fifteen commercial projects. I will be happy to contribute.

      • charyontop

        Hello There, I’m very happy to hear that you’re interested in developing this project. You can mail me from to talk about further information.



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