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    Connective Realities Platform

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    Project description:

    Who we are:


    Connective Realities is a Community Interest Company that provides creative forms of civic education for young people.  


    We believe in the development of resilient and connected communities and that young people, from all backgrounds, should feel that they have the power to shape their community.  We are working to equip primary school students with the soft skills and opportunities to become agents of change. 

    What we do:


    Our approach is pinned to a three-step educational philosophy: experience, reflection and action:  


    • Our online platform (currently in a prototype stage) hosts a curated library of immersive content that allows students to experience a global challenge.

      • For example, it may host a VR experience that shares the story of a fellow 8-year old living in the West Bank, and living under the conditions of an intractable conflict (Palestine-Israel).

    • Users are able to delve into this challenge, in a fun and interactive way, through gamified reflection resources.  

      • For example, the platform will offer a variety of further reading resources and quizzes on issues of peace and conflict.

    • The user can then take action: our platform’s network shares opportunities for students to take their learnings outside of the classroom and work with local organisations and effect change on these challenges.

      • For example, we may partner with a local peacemaking organisation who can work with the user to organise a peace day at their school.


    What we need:


    As stated in the description, our platform is in its prototype form. What happened was that a friend of one of our founders decided to donate his time to build the platform. Unfortunately he was then sucked into his job and was able to complete the task. That is why we started looking for alternative solutions and encountered donate:code (our budget at the moment is very limited). The completion of our platform is key to allow us to bring our initiative into schools and start building a network for global citizenship.


     You can see some pictures of what the platform looks like, although at the moment it is not hosted onto a server (due to lack of funds). We have the repository of all the code that’s been written so far, alongside a trello board and detailed descriptions of what is what made by our programmer friend before leaving the job. 


    We would of course be very happy to share everything with whoever volunteers to take up this challenge! 


    Who we are looking for:

    We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about education and want to contribute making our organization an agent of change. We cannot predict the amount of workload, which will have to be discussed with the volunteers. We are very flexible and so happy to reach a compromise and find a way that works out for everyone involved!


    1. Mathias Voelcker

      in what language/framework is the website developed?

      • connectiverealities

        Our friend was working both in front-end and back-end, and these are the languages he used:
        -Flask, Pymodm, Minio;
        -Docker, Nginx.

        • connectiverealities

          Hi Mathias, thanks for being interested in our project!


    daniel malek
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