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    Cross-platform map based mobile app for Environmental project

    Project description:

    Cross-platform map based mobile app for Environmental project




    The P3 Ambiental Association is an international non-profit organisation established in 2017. It was created to promote action against fly-tipping, provide training and education to promote a civic culture, respectful of the environment and knowledgeable in reducing, reusing and recycling their domestic and industrial waste by and the use and improvement of established waste recovery routes and organised cleanup and educational campaigns.

    The P3 Ambiental Association involves different entities concerned with achieving a natural environment, free of pollution generated by improperly managed waste and is open to collaborating with all, public and private entities, as well as individuals, who participate in the aims of the Association.
    The P3 Ambiental Association, created by a group of individuals focused on the need to achieve and maintain a clean environment, is open to all who wish to contribute to this end and has as its main founding purpose of contributing to the information and education of society in the problem of fly-tipping and incorrect waste management.

    THE APP 
    Pinit to Binit (known as Binit – The Rubbish App) is aimed to be an international illegal garbage/waste plotter and local recycling locator app. It has a simple to use interface and is a clear and concise app, giving information about where rubbish has been illegally dumped, where the recycling facilities are in your town, and information on how to recycle and what goes in what bin.
    The aim is to make this app internationally available so that users can identify areas where there has been illegal fly-tipping and they can drop a pin (PIN IT) on a map, and make the authorities aware of where it is, so that they can organise a clean-up (BIN IT). 
    The system is being tested by P3 Ambiental, a non-profit association based in Spain and it is having amazing results with over 30,000kg of illegal rubbish having been pinned and binned, in only 16 days.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg, with an astounding estimated 22 million kilos more having been pinned, in the region local to P3 Ambiental, the clean-up task is immense. But with the track record so far, everything is possible.
    Additionally, with the growing amount of recycling facilities being made available by governments, there is a growing need for up-to-date information on where these facilities are, so that the local people can take full advantage of them, and reduce their trash, aiming towards a zero waste lifestyle.
    With another map based solution, P3 Ambiental has been working with regional governments, to create a mapping system for the recycling facilities in the region.
    This app is the next step forward for P3 Ambiental, taking the web based system and making it more mobile, more accessible and more fun. And why shouldn’t picking up trash be fun?
    The project will be implemented in phases. This document outlines the ideas in full.

    Phase 1 – We are aiming to make a cross-platform mobile app to allow people to mark and photograph rubbish that they find in rural areas. They will be able to pin the location on a map, add a description and a photo to each pin. These pins will be added to a main map which can be used to locate and organise cleaning of the areas that have been pinned.

    Phase 2 – The app will also show the location of recycling facilities with a turn by turn route to the location to help people dispose of their household waste. There will also be a recycling guide to help people learn more about how and what can be recycled.

    Phase 3 – The app will have a game element added with rewards for game-play to get younger people involved in the project.



    We are looking for a coder of a team of coders to see the project through from start to finish. We know what we are looking for it will be a cross-platform app, predominantly android and IOS, maybe windows later. It needs to be scaleable for all mobile devices and will need to be tested on as many as possible to ensure maximum compatibility.

    We are ideally looking for someone who is fluent in English, although the app will be made available in other languages as we progress.


    If the app is successful it will be taken forward and sold to other associations, and this is were funding becomes available as we would be prepared to do a profit split with the programmers involved, especially as they would be involved in tailoring the app to the other association. 


    There are apps that currently have some of the functionality, we are looking for, but they are no very well executed, and some we have seen, do not even do what they are supposed to do.



    If you feel you have the skills necessary to complete this project with us, We welcome your input and look forward to hearing from you.



    Skills required:


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