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    Crpyto Merchandise eCommerce store (WP) build AND/OR rebuild – lot’s of coins and long term prospects

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    • Open 6 months ago

    Project description:

    Dear Developers,

    Thanks for your time checking out our opportunity.

    We are a new start-up in the cryptocurrency scene and there is 15 of us including graphics designers, devselopers, marketeers, advisors and freelancers. Our mission is to give Pi Network and Pi coins into the hands of everyday people. The coin is a trending app (search Pi Network on app/play store or

    Our purpose is to continue developing the 2 websites we have:

    1. Unofficial white label merchandise 
    2. Build a platform (another website) to connect and allow peer-2-peer trading locally, worldwide with messaging and bid/buy postings
    3. Build a strong community of professional people, as well as a  network of buyers and sellers in the new Facebook/Shopify/Amazon mix – Pi Network marketplace (planned for next year)

    This app for the fastest trending cryptocurrency of 2019 – 1.5 active users within 10 months – 4.7 star rating, great new earning system for everyday people. 

    You have a phone? You have Pi!

    Our existing store right now:
    our other website can be shown after initial contact

    Due to our previous dev leaving we are looking for a main front end dev who can put in a couple of hours on average per day and help us make our websites fancier, easier and quicker.  


    • web Developer, preferably WordPress – WooCommerce experience or plugin developer
    • Time & energy – 4 hours / day average per week
    • clear English 
    • Teamworker 
    • Quick and eager to learn 

    What we offer: 

    • Long term position in a fresh start up with a niche, with great relationship with the coin’s Core development team.
    • Untapped market, no competition 
    • Equity package 
    • Build your own ideas and make a dent in people’s lives
    • Work with other freelancers and be part of the Revolution

    We would love to hear from you – Message me or join Discord.

    Look forward hearing from you!

    Thanks in advance,

    Krisztian Kozma | Discord: Kozii #4386


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