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    CSS | HTML | JS | Frontend | Front-end | front end developer – for free live-learning online platform!

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    Project description:

    We want to enable 100,000s of online educational live-lessons between people of all backgrounds every day, without any money exchanging hands.


    We are a global team of 30 volunteers building a new free education system for the world. Think a live-version of Wikipedia.

    We are looking to expand our frontend dev team!


    We are on track to beta launch the site early in 2023, so this is a very exciting time to join the project!


    Key Responsibilities

    • Developing, testing, and debugging responsive UI for version 1 (JSP application) and version 2 (React microservices) of 8Billionminds . 
    • Remote part-time commitment of 4 hours a week minimum, with weekly development team meetings (Sunday @ 7 pm GMT) and fortnightly calls with the full team (Sunday @ 6:30 pm GMT).


    Ideal skills:

    • Professional (non-internship/non-university) programming experience with frontend web software development using CSS, HTML, JavaScript
    • Experience with Node.js / React / Tailwind / Typescript 
    • Technical communication with team members and ability to interpret technical jargon for non-tech members.

    Please get in touch to express your interest with your CV + why you’d like to join the 8Billionminds team via emailing:


    To see the site in development please see:


    Thanks for wanting to put your valuable time and energy into something worthwhile!

    Sam + The 8BM team


    Come to our beta-launch party on 10th May! >>

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    1. Sean Balayan

      Feel free to reach me at


    Sean Balayan
    Fullstack Developer
    In Process
    Ryan Moses
    Software Developer
    In Process
    Borzoo Moazami
    Fron-end developer
    In Process
    Web developer
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    Tienchai Wirojsaksaree
    Fullstack Software Engineer
    In Process
    Full-Stack Developer
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