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    CSS | HTML | JS | React | Node.js | Frontend | Front-end | front end developer – for new free global education system!

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    Project description:

    We want to enable 100,000s of online educational live-lessons between people of all backgrounds every day, without any money exchanging hands.

    We are a global community that love face-to-face learning as we know it is the best way to learn. It inspires, directs, saves time, increases retention, and brings back the fun to learning. By connecting people around the world to share, learn and teach each other, we will improve global education and exchange our ideas, empathy and understanding of the world with each other. Every person has something to share, and with 8BM the finest learning is available to everyone, everywhere for free.

    We are a global team of 30 volunteers looking to expand our backend dev team !

    We are on track to beta launch the site in 2022, so this is a very exciting time to join the project!

    Are you highly skilled in any of these?
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • Html


    Other possibilities: Node.js / React

    If so, we could do with your help!
    To see the site in development please see:

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Sam + the 8BM team

    P.S Please send us your email address so that we can contact you. We are receiving a lot of interest but have no way to reply back to you, thanks!


    1. osifo John

      I’m John, currently living in Nigeria.
      I’m available if you there are still opening for more hands on the project. My stack includes NextJs, react.js, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Styled-Components

      My email is osifojohntec@gmail

    2. lpyman

      Hi! I’d love to join the team and help on this wonderful project. I love working on frontend with HTML, CSS, JS etc. But I am willing to learn and help in other areas.
      Please contact me at
      I look forward to hearing from you!

    3. Nancy Do

      Hi There, my name is Nancy and I live in the United States. I just recently graduated from CodingDojo as a Full Stack Software Engineer and I would love to help your cause. Please contact me at Thank you!

    4. Kay

      I’m Kay, currently living in England.
      I’m available if you there are still opening for more hands on the project. My repertoire includes NextJs, react.js and NodeJs

    5. gobi

      hello, my name is gobi. I live in Canada. i would love to be apart of the project. I am a recent grad from General Assembly Software Engineering. The technologies i have worked with include , css, javascript, html , react, mongoldb, express, Node-js, and django. My email is


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    Fayza Khairy
    Software developer
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    Liam Reeves
    Fullstack Web Dev
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