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    Developing CharityHat

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    Project description:


    I was hoping people from donate:code could breath life into a charity creation, to make it alive. I don’t know how to code, so I need your help to make this thing real.

    The aim of CharityHat is for the public to sign up to CharityHat, and of course verify their email (for security) and ‘I am not a robot’ and then they could go to the platform. The platform is planned to be a big one, and is planned like this:

    – People can sell their digital assets for money, such as digital images, stock photos, their own games, etc.

    – BUT, on the cirumstance that minimum 31% of every transaction will go to the selected charity voted by the public on a public poll available on the site. This poll can be voted every single day by the user, which will get them 10 loyalty points. Loyalty Points will normally be exchanged for actual money, e.g. 1000 Points can be exchanged for £0.50 GBP.

    Every part of raised money goes towards the development of CharityHat, the ongoing payment fees, and the charity that was mostly voted per month on the CharityHat Main Poll.

    We really need help with this at the moment. If you know how to code, and or has the abiltity to design websites, please, we would really like to get you involved!


    1. tarunp027

      Hi, I am interested in working on the design part of it. Let me know if I can contribute to the charity through my web design skills. I am happy to connect with you through email or even here

    2. John Yzaguirre


      I saw your post about this project and wanted to invite you to our community of web app developers, designers, project leaders and mentors. We put together teams of people who want to make a positive impact through technology.

      This is volunteer based and we combine mentors with years of experience, motivated juniors ( usually college senior or above ), and project leaders ( that would be you ). You are setup with a toolset that is 100% free and requires zero setup time, allowing you to get down to making your digital product. Teams are also able to showcase their progress through cross-pollination meetings if you decide to participate.

      It only takes a few minutes to check out our discord so I hope you will stop by and go to the announcements page where I’ve left a quick welcome video ( this was actually a presentation I made live yesterday ).

      Best of luck with your project and hope to see you in our introductions channel =)

      link to our discord channel:



    Skills required:


    Tarun Kumaar
    UI/UX Designer
    In Process
    Web Developer
    In Process
    Dustin Gogoll
    Frontend Developer
    In Process
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