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    Education Fundraising platform

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    Project description:

    In my native african country, thousands of young bright students dropout from school or repeat classess due to lack of funds for their secondary education. 

    I want to solve this problem with a non-profit initiative and help bright and needy students find funding for their secondary education. The core features of the website
    1. provide a listing of all existing annual sponsorship opportunities to students. So a specific student/parent can enter a few of their details and filter opportunities relevant for them (and download)
    2. Schools, parents or guardians can appeal for help by uploading the plight of a specific pupil with relevant details about the student. 
    3. We aim to administer a few scholarships so the website should also have a simple application system to receive applications from students for the various scholarships.
    4. A company or individual interested in funding students can have access to the database of the needy students listed on the platform and filter, select candidates of choice

    5. The website should be able to also process donations for each student or for a general fund for the organization. 

    Generally, three groups of people can have an account on the website: Parent/guardian, a sponsor or a school teacher (where the student is due to study). The school heads and student/parent/guardian will have the option to upload an appeal to be featured on the website.
    With this platform, we are going to fundraise feature the plight of these students and enable them complete their educat

    Personally, i dont have tech background but i have done the due dilligence of what’s will be required in the platform.

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