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    Aakesh Pattani

    Encouraging the world towards ethical and sustainable travel and experience

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    Fild is an experiences marketplace that empowers creators to earn a sustainable income from their passion, whilst fuelling the world’s transition towards ethically and sustainably travel and experience.


    We believe the experiences economy is broken today. On existing platforms, the top 1% of creators earn 80% of revenue. Those from underrepresented groups typically fall within the 99%, and are often forced to choose between pursuing their passion and survival. Further still, with global tourism being decimated during the pandemic, millions in underprivileged communities fell into extreme poverty, and due to digital exclusion, had no opportunity to pivot online and continue to share travel experiences with people virtually. 


    Our vision is to build an experiences creator economy that is equitable, sustainable, and more inclusive for everyone. We intend to empower people from underrepresented groups and help them earn a sustainable living from their passion. We intend to invest in tourism-hit communities across Africa and help them tackle social and digital inequality.


    To bring our vision to life, we’re looking for a Frontend Engineer looking to use their skills to support an early-stage impact-led business. You will work closely with the founder and other volunteers to help us design and build our MVP product. Our tech stack is React (React Native for mobile), AWS, Mongo DB, Express, and Node.js.


    If this sounds exciting, get in touch! 


    Ralph Sommer
    Full Stack Developer
    Can complete in 16 weeks
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