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    Girl’s Lego League Team- Lake Monitor-App Help

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    Project description:

    We are an all-girls Lego League team composed of 8 girls in 4th to 7th grade. We have designed a lake monitor using duck decoys and various sensory equipment to determine whether invasive species and/or pollution are present in a lake. We are also designing a compatible clean up device when invasive species or pollution are found. We would like our devices to be connected to the cellular network and be able to be controlled with an app. But we need help learning how to develop such an app. We are looking for a volunteer to help coach us through that. Our next competition date is January 12, 2020, so we’d like to get started before then. Thank you for considering helping us!

    Please see our website to learn more about our project at:

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    1. John Yzaguirre


      I saw your post about this project and wanted to invite you to our community of web app developers, designers, project leaders and mentors. We put together teams of people who want to make a positive impact through technology.

      This is volunteer based and we combine mentors with years of experience, motivated juniors ( usually college senior or above ), and project leaders ( that would be you ). You are setup with a toolset that is 100% free and requires zero setup time, allowing you to get down to making your digital product. Teams are also able to showcase their progress through cross-pollination meetings if you decide to participate.

      It only takes a few minutes to check out our discord so I hope you will stop by and go to the announcements page where I’ve left a quick welcome video ( this was actually a presentation I made live yesterday ).

      Best of luck with your project and hope to see you in our introductions channel =)

      link to our discord channel:



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