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    Kevin Huang

    Help the Most Impoverished Nations with Blockchain

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    Project description:

    if(tech == evolved) { develop(love); }


    My name is Kevin and I’m from Toronto.

    I’ve pivoted my startup idea several times, but I’ve finally settled down.

    The startup will be a social enterprise that generates funds to purchase and provide for free, renewable energy harvesting devices (i.e. solar panels and energy storage), to families in the most impoverished nations on Earth (e.g. Burundi, Somalia, Mozambique). The systems I would like to provide initially are solar electric powered stoves as close to 4 million people die a year from indoor air pollution, many women and children, due to cooking with wood or charcoal indoors.

    Thus, I’m seeking software engineer/coders to share some advice and/or provide some networking opportunities to find a technical co-founder to help build a minimum viable product.

    The startup idea is to utilize blockchain technologies to fund the cause.  If you are a compassionate, altruistic and caring developer that has some knowledge in blockchain tech, let’s connect!

    Thanks for reading this!
    I hope all are well and stay well.
    Kevin Huang


    1. myuksel

      Hello Kevin,
      This looks like something I’d love to help with. I don’t have experience with blockchain, but I can learn about it as I go. I am a computer science undergraduate student and would love to work on figuring out how to solve any project you could give me to help with this!

      Thank you,

    2. michellejanaycodes

      This is quite the mission! I wonder if I could be of any help? I have some experience in Front-end Development.

      • Kevin Huang

        Hey Michelle,
        Thanks so much for reaching out to connect!
        Hope you are well.

        So, I couldn’t find any backend coders here on DonateCode so I’m looking through UpWork to find people to pay to do this.

        I grew up really really lucky and I want to send the next bit of my life helping as I have thought for a while, peace is everyones responsibility.

        I don’t have tons of money saved up but I think I have enough.

        Your help will be greatly appreciated when we get to the point of needing front end design.

        I’m not sure how to use DonateCode well, is there a way I can get an email address from you with you exposing your address publicly?

        Thanks so much!
        Be well 🙂

        Best Regards,
        Kevin H.


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