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    Help us build an App that will aid and assist all non-profits to generate funding through crowd supported activities, and the webpage/database necessary to function

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    Project description:

    We want to build an App that will aid and assist all non-profits to generate funding through crowd supported activities.

    It will communicate with a housed database

    Supporting consumers usage generates funds (no matter what the cause – they chose which one)

    Consumers will actually save money in the process

    Funds are constantly trickling/accumulating for the cause

    Consumers/supporters are doing normal, everyday activities


    Let me explain further.

    Web presence will house the app and all the necessary info. A group of Cause supporters will download the app. They will adjust the setting to indicate the cause of their choice (examples could be any non-profit, such as a local museum in their community, children’s sports/team, the city municipality, Red Cross, or any number of non-profits that exist).

    The app/webpage will warehouse any and all available retail sales information/coupons, that are available. During the course of regular, everyday, ordinary activities such as shopping (retail, grocery, etc), funds are saved/generated that will be routed towards their chosen cause. Funds are generated by the group, they accumulate, and it cost the supporters nothing out of the ordinary.

    This fixes the broken non-profit funding system/process that is currently in place. Non-profits will cease having to continually beg for funding. Not only is this actually brilliant, but it is also necessary. As AI reduces the workforce, non-profit funding will begin to dissipate. (It already struggles now). With your help, we will produce more good in the world than you could possibly fathom at this point in time. We will change the supporting of all causes to an actually sustainable method, for their future and that of our children’s.

    Not only is it all good, and necessary, there is the other aspect of making leaps and bounds with the advancement and utilization of technology. We would like to incorporate AI into this project. If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right!

    The statement about utilizing technology is referring to incorporating geospatial location so that the consumer’s presence can trigger instant savings when they physically enter a particular store. With a little imagination, you can see the huge advancement in technology utilization with respect to shopping, custom advertising, etc. All of this as a bonus to the consumer, all while saving and funding all non-profits!!!

    I’m seeking the best of the best! I’m actually seeking anyone with a huge heart and the strongest desire to solve one of the greatest problems we have before us at this time (heading it off at the pass before it’s too late). I’m simply stating that this is certain to be quite complex. It also has a strong possibility to lead to a long-term, very rewarding situation.

    We believe it will need to integrate most of the following (working into all likely, and possibly more):


    Most retail businesses

    Most standalone retail apps (their content)

    • the benefit is that they pre-organize it!

    Most coupon warehouses

    Eventually, anyone that wishes to be included

    Merchant card processing


    And perhaps advertisement exchange

    As well as non-profit databases

    Hopefully, this conveys an idea of what we desire to accomplish. We hope to hear from YOU!



    1. oluwakinyele

      I am Full Stack developer, I am interested if it is a team work

    2. WCS

      Hi Remij,

      How may I get in touch with you…? I’m thinking this comment will post right here… perhaps you will get notified of my comment/reply.
      Looking forward to everything!
      Best regards,

    3. Remij

      Hello, I am a core software developer, mostly back end oriented but have some skills in front end as well (Currently working on it). I will be glad to help. Don’t hesitate to message me !


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