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    Help us build an App to solve problems of buying at a distance in a way that is ecologically sound

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    Project description:

    We want to build an app that solves the problems of buying items at a distance, in a way that  

    • Reduces CO2 emissions by half or more.
    • Reduces time spent on the road
    • Reduces Internet fraud
    • Increases reuse of recyclable materials
    • Avoids making labor shortages worse 


    Here’s an example scenario: 

    John finds a unique object on a trading site, and the price is fantastic. But the object is more than 380 miles away. John lives in New York and the seller in Pittsburgh. It would take 14 hours driving to collect in person so John decides to use Jane’s services because she is the closest to the seller and knows how to assess this type of product.  

    This connection is made through the app. 

    The app tells John that Jane is currently available until late at night, so John agrees with the seller that an agent will collect and pay for the object. Jane inspects the object and ensures that the product description is consistent with the item. Jane takes into account the requirements of the buyer, communicating with them using FaceTime/Skype. When everything is positive, she pays the seller. Jane sends the item by post at minimal cost using recycled packaging, confirming the post with photos and tracking numbers. 

    Depending on the shipping time chosen by the buyer, the item will be delivered within a few days and a signature will be required. 


    This is one example of how this app will operate.  


    We think the application will need to integrate the following services 

    • Canada Post and USPS
    • OpenStreetMap 
    • Adyen – payment method
    • Two way sms (provider still to be chosen)
    • Shipsurance – shipping insurance coverage

    We are very committed to this project, and want to work with volunteers who share our goals and have the experience to advise us on pros and cons of all the options as we make decisions. 


    I will personally be available to work with you, and can communicate in English or French as you prefer.



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    1. karthiknk81

      Interesting, I’d be happy to join with you/team and provide support for coding, design and performance tuning I have experience. Thanks for the invite!


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