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    Hospitality Industry Emergency Relief Dashboard

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    Project description: is a live (very poorly designed) Hospitality Industry Relief Dashboard with interactive map that is quickly becoming a conduit for all of the relief efforts going on around North America for the bar, restaurant, and related industries. Projections currently suggest 50-75% of all independent restaurants and bars you know and love will fail and close forever under the current crisis. I need a programmer/developer who can basically help automate the data entry and coding from a database to a map (google sheets > JSON) and improve the UI and the UX. I am holding off a fairly significant media push until I get this done, as i cannot by myself manually populate the map and page for much longer.

    If you like food, drinks, bars, or restaurants… this is your chance to shine and be a hero to millions. This is a volunteer only request, please no sales pitches. My gf and I both lost our incomes when this hit a week ago, I am doing this with zero funding, by myself. However, this is not my first rodeo, and I have a substantial network to draw from as this evolves. Thank you, – Tobin


    1. dutch

      Hi Mike,

      It’s not pretty— it’s a squarespace site sending a form to a googlesheet that is pasted into an excel doc that turns it into HTML formatted for a third party map app, that is pasted into that app, two button clicks, published. It’s clunky, but it’s a lot further than the first 10 days where I spent 6-8 hours a day pasting URLs into code, and doing everything manually. How does this site work, how do we talk via email, text, etc?

    2. Michael Stramandinoli

      Hi Tobin,

      I’m Mike and a software developer. I have experience developing web applications as well as data processing applications. I also have some experience with the Google Maps API. I’d like to learn more about the current application such as what type of database are you currently using, is this application built using a Javascript framework, and what’s your timeframe for having this complete?

      Looking forward to hearing back!


      • dutch

        Also I have bought since I realize nobody devs on squarespace, that’s just how I did it myself without a dev.


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