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    I need help making a site and apps that match hungry people with people who want to help them. Directly. There needs to be security and verification for PII safety. But for the most part, a hungry person can sign up with verified contact info, and put up a basic help wanted ad (repeatable). Ads disappear at end of day. The ad should disappear when a helpful person chooses the ad to fulfill. A helpful person can sign up with verified contact info, look for hungry person ads, filter by zip code, and choose ads to fulfill. Display ads on a map. Click on map ad to open a detailed listing. The actual fulfillment, getting food to the hungry, is completely up to helpful person to figure out. That’s it.


    1. NiklasMannhardt

      This sounds interesting to me. A couple simplifications to make this more manageable might be to use Google’s authentication API (you end up with a little button that says “sign up with Google”) which means you don’t have to worry about the security of people’s private information. Also in terms of getting a viable product out there it might be better to the website easy to use on mobile instead of developing an Android app AND an iOS app.

      • mikemin

        Thanks for replying! Both of those simplifications sound great. Would you be open to working on it? Please contact me directly, if you are.

        • NiklasMannhardt

          I’d be interested but I am worried about having enough time available to dedicate to the project. Where should I contact you for some follow-up questions?

          • mikemin

            We should chat. I don’t know how this platform works, but I think you can “submit a bid”. It can be zero and hopefully we can get into a DM situation?

    2. mikemin

      Hi I’m Mike. I saw someone post this on Facebook. See attached. And I thought, we can do better than that. We can build a site and apps that match people to help each other. I am not a legit non-profit. I just had the idea like 10 minutes ago. But this shouldn’t be hard with a smart dev or 2. I can pay for domains and hosting and the other administrative stuff. I intend to make no money for this. I’m hoping for kind people to help and share. Thanks.


    Can complete in 4 weeks
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