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    Mental Health Chatting Platform

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    • Open 1 year ago

    Project description:

    The platform is designed to help people reduce social isolation and loneliness by providing a place where they can chat anonymously with others who are experiencing similar problems. Using natural language processing (NLP) technology, the platform monitors the chat to ensure that inappropriate language or behavior is not allowed. The goal of the platform is to create a safe and supportive environment where people can connect with others and find comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

    I am happy for any help, in any sector even if it is advisory help 🙂


    1. kilacurran

      Hello! I would love to help with the design aspect of this project. Please email me at: I have 2+ years of experience working in mental health and recently completed a UX Design Bootcamp. I am hoping to continue to build skills and experience in UX Design, and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to join a project that supports mental health initiatives.

    2. snehgurdasani

      I have some experience with HTML5, CSSS3 and JavaScript. Currently, I am working on an NGO project using Django. My email is

    3. felipetexa

      I am very interested in this project. I have 1 and a half year of fullstack experience. Please email me if I can help:

    4. Juliana Valenti

      Hello, Chusikowski!! I have background in psychology, and recently left a master program in counseling to learn coding. I am a bootcamp student and I graduate in May 26. I would like to know if you still need help in this project and how I can be valuable. Thank you!

    5. Marvin Mante

      Hi Chusikowski! I’d like to help. The last four years, I’ve focused on front end using React/Redux/Sass, but also have experience with backend frameworks like Flask and Express. Please let me know if I can be contribute to this project.

    6. Alexander Rovang

      Great idea. Lemme know if you need any help. best, Xander

    7. maggiemwaura

      I would love to contribute to the project with my Nodejs skills, my email is

    8. aj33622

      Is this platform a web app or an app you can download on phone?

      I can help with Android app development or website development

    9. Dion

      Hi Chusikowski, I would love to get involve with this project on the backend and front of things

      • chusikowski

        Hi Dion,

        thanks a lot for your interest. Could you please send me your email address so I can contact you?


    10. mariamendes

      Hi, I’m very interested! Please email me at I have experience in UX Designer and Front End Development!

    11. Harika

      I’m very interested and eager to help and learn as well. Please message or email me at

    12. HasanAbdirahman

      Hey I would love to help. Please email me at I have 1 year full stack experience


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