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    New cancer services and patient advocacy not-for-profit

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    Project description:

    Dear coders,


    Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Liam Bourke. I am a professor of cancer research from Sheffield in the UK. 


    My research career has been dedicated to exploring how to get the best cancer outcomes (optimising quality of life, mitigating adverse effects of treatment and mitigating disease recurrence) through complex behavioural & lifestyle interventions. I won the inaugural CRUK international prize for patient-centred research in 2017 and my work has formed the cornerstone of international clinical best practice as featured in the joint EAU, ESTRO, SIOG prostate cancer guidelines (see chapter 8


    I am writing to ask for your help. I want to set a up a new not-for-profit patient organisation to support people in achieving better cancer outcomes. One of its main attractions would be the provision of evidence-based services that are not offered in beleaguered national health services. This would include:


    • Digital oncology-specific lifestyle programming and psychological support to minimise primary and secondary cancer risk and optimise quality of life
    • Providing patient education and training 
    • Supporting individual recovery through programmes such as vocational rehabilitation
    • A dedicated patient panel to prioritise R&D targets


    Patients should be able to access these therapies a world class health service – but they are simply not able to. There is a strong evidence base for these interventions, which can offer clinically meaningful benefits to cancer patients. However, such services are very rarely delivered to patients. The problem is compounded by the reality that patients often cannot afford private healthcare. The end result being that patients suffer despite therapeutics which could provide real help. Patients describe this as ‘falling off the cliff’. 


    This new organisation would aim to make these critical services available online and so (ideally) make these services universally accessible. Remote accessibility is a feature that is ever more critical in a COVID era of healthcare. Though my expertise and experience of over a decade in cancer research, I have the design, mechanistic algorithms and concept for how these services could be delivered in a truly world-first enterprise.  


    As a clinical scientist, I have a very limited knowledge of software development and I am certainly not able to build something of this scale and functionality. I have been working for the last 12 months on the more conceptual side of what the not-for-profit organisation would offer and how it would meet the needs of cancer patients. I would dearly like to talk to someone about how the software required for this project could be put together, what skills it needs, what the ‘build’ would need to look like, what the costs would be to get it going (and maintain it) and maybe even look at some prototyping. 


    I very much appreciate any time and assistance you might be able to offer.


    Kindest regards,


    Professor Liam Bourke





    1. surawatthana

      Dear Professor Bourke,

      My name is Sura. I am a backend java developer and a not-so-experience frontend angular developer. I’d like to learn more about this project. It would be great if you could drop me an email at Thank you so much.



    2. Jara Santamaria Martinez

      I really like the concept for your project. I am still a junior developer, I have technical experience but unfortunately not yet on the costs or prototyping part of a project.
      I would still love to get involved along with some more experience developer/UX or UI Designer.
      Please feel free to email me at

    3. Fisayo


      I am willing to volunteer my UX and UI design skills to help with your project. I can see the value your concept will bring to cancer patients.

      Given that you already have the design and concept in place, I can be helpful in other areas such as; (1) creating your screens flows and interactions and (2) Performing usability testing of design prototypes with end-users.

      You can contact me via or via LinkedIn (Fisayo Akadri) if you wish to discuss further.


    4. Baasanbayar

      Hi. I really want to help you to write this project.

    5. Danielf

      Hello professor,
      I’d be very happy to help and point you in the right direction, and assist in anyway I can. Give me a bell if interested.

    6. Dbenn0560

      Hello Professor Bourke,
      I would be interested in speaking to you more about this project. Please feel free to email me at

      • Danielf

        Hello professor,
        I’d be very happy to help and point you in the right direction, and assist in anyway I can. Give me a bell if interested.


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