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    New feature and components for social platform

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    Project description:

    I am trying to create a new social networking platform for the Caribbean community during this COVID-19 experience to help unity the Caribbean people, support Caribbean businesses and Culture. I am currently using the Wowonder platform to do this and i would like to implement new features that can be integrated into this platform, i will also require the addons to be installed on the platform and tested.

    New features include:

    Scan QR Code 

    When using Cariblime, you can scan a QR code to add a new friend and have quick access to a wide range of information and services. QR Codes are very popular in the app community and you can find them everywhere. QR Code marketing will become an important channel for companies to redirect users to their products

    Mobile Top Up  

    If you run out of credit on your mobile phone, you don’t need to waste your time going to the nearest phone company office. 

    Utilities (Bills)  

    Cariblime utilities 

    This feature may require a bit of extra time when setting it up for the first time because you must enter some personal details to activate the service. However, once this first step is over, you can use Cariblime to pay your water, electricity, heat, phone and internet bills. Other Services include Flight Tickets.

    Book a Taxi  

    Cariblime  Taxi 

     If you need a taxi ride, you can use Cariblime to book it. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about having cash with you since you can pay the taxi service

    Movie Tickets  

    Cariblime even helps you organize your leisure time. You can use the app to book and pay for movie tickets, avoiding the line at the box office. 


    As with tickets and other services, Cariblime can give you access to a hotel booking system. You can use this feature to find the best accommodation for your needs.


     Cariblime will have a functionality that assists you in discovering houses for sale or for rent in specific areas. You can use it to narrow down your research for your accommodations. 

     Time Capsule  

    Time Capsule is a fun way to share your memories with friends. You can use your smartphone camera to shoot videos and then add text, music or stickers to it.   

    Once your video is posted, it will be visible to your friends for 24 hours. A icon next to the profile picture notifies your friends when a Time Capsule video has been uploaded

    Drift Bottle.  

    We all know drift bottle is pretty cool. It allows us to meet with strangers yet remains a slightly sense of mystery. The only concerns are, who has time to buy a bottle, write a message down, seal it, travel to bayside and then throw it in the sea? Cariblime simulate the whole process. You can “throw a bottle” into “the sea” with text message or voice message. Someone from anywhere in the world will pick it! The process is anonymous for both sides unless you decide to make friends with the owner of the drift bottle.

    all of these features should be designed to be totally customizable to suit their unique needs, add pictures, price etc.

    I would like a live stream feature to be designed for wowonder social network script. The script should do the follow:

    – User presses Go Live button on the status form

    – Users video and audio is captured and shown live on screen (modal maybe?)

    – The script posts to their wowonder timeline with the live stream embedded.

    – When user is finished with stream and closes it, the stream should use the saved file of the stream and embed it in post for replay.


    This will use php, nginx, and some sort of html5 player (whatever is compatible).


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