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    Non-Profit App for quarantined people to find volunteers in their area.

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    Project description:

    Please see video and adobe XD files  on the link below.

    This project is completely non-profit and we therefore need help with the development phase.

    The app connects people that can volunteer with people in need.
    Primally made for people affected by the Corona quarantine who need help in their daily routine (i.e grocery shopping, medicine pickup, walking dogs, other).
    Imagine a dating app (like Tinder) but instead of people finding someone to date, they find someone to help out or vice versa.

    App requirements below.
    The app should be developed in React Native (iOS & Android) or similar depending on the developers skill set.
    Back-end could be (Firebase or other according to developers experience).
    Users should be able to create a profile (via Facebook sign up)
    The app should grab the first name and profile image from Facebook.
    The app should have 2 user roles, “Volunteers” and “People in need”.
    Users should specify things they can help with/need help with from a static list of 4 items (i.e grocery shopping, medicine pickup, walking dogs, others).
    User should specify their home address with Google Maps SDK.
    “Volunteer” users should see “People in Need” users.
    “People in Need” users should see “Volunteer” users.
    Users should be able to send a message (start a chat) with users in the list.
    Users should see people they chat with on a separate page.
    See attached Video for user flow.

    Help us to make a difference!

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    1. jlsegb

      How long do you see the use of this app? Do you think it will be used after the pandemic is over? I‘m looking for a project to work on as my senior project, but I would develop this in a three-month span of time.


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