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    Poco Balance

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    Project description:

    Our mission is to enable self-employed artists navigate their careers and while balancing their personal life. By providing opportunities, materials and training to better equip artists the disadvantages are reduced while the possibilities grow. 


    With a variety of initiatives being developed or implemented since 2019, our values of tranquility, intent, liminality and discipline are represented through our work to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues artists may face and our collective spirit.  


    We want to create an app for artists to help contribute to their productivity  and hopefully alleviate some common symptoms that everyone faces that impact their mental health. The app should should be able to track different categories of factors to mental and monitor certain behaviours and then send an alert when the app predicts certain behaviours.


    For example: Determining when someone is asleep, and if 3 days pass with not very much sleep, a message is sent saying that they should reduce their cognitive load to make sure they don’t overwork their mind. Then illustrating to them why that is so.


    That is just a rough idea of the app we can go more into details and share a deck with outlines of what we’re looking for.

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    1. hopperkremer

      Greetings! I’m a developer with a degree in Computer science who specializes in front-end web development. I love solving problems and I’m looking forward to showcasing my talents here, and in the process gaining valuable experience.

      Most of my experience is in Javascript, HTML, & CSS. I have enjoyed writing several basic apps with React Native that run on Android and iOS. I am familiar with Java and C++ through my college classes. I have also explored the basics of Python, PHP, SQL, and Android development on my own.
      -Hopper Kremer


    Software Programmer and Web Developer
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