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    Real estate ERP-system

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    Project description:

    I’m looking for other developers who are looking for a fun project. I have seen the difficulties in managing a residence or real estate and want to create an ERP-like system to manage everything, really everything. I will list more detail below. I’m looking for: – .NET developers (or other object-oriented programming languages) – preferably knowledge of databases, ASP.NET core Identity and EF, agile/scrum, git – active, social and willing to work in a small team of volunteers/developers I don’t have a lot of spare time myself which is why I’m trying to find volunteers who are willing to help me in their spare time with this project. I don’t expect you to put in 10-20 hours every week if you don’t have the time. All the help would be appreciated and of course, depending on the expertise, time and effort you’ve put in the program you’ll be rewarded with a fair share of the profits. This can be discussed before we start the project, once I’ve found some (or one) volunteers.I think that with the right kind of help this project can become a useful tool for big and small companies in real estate. The tasks this system would solve: – managing and keeping track of documents – managing units (house,appartement, studentroom, parking, …) – facilitate the rental and sale of units – Keep track of bills and payments and alert in case of overdue payments – possibility to define roles (Manager, employee, student, user, …) – easy to integrate and use with a website (e.g. updating data in db updates website) – maybe use DL/ML to give insights in the processes – Field-service manager like Handyman FSM – Help with managing construction/renovation of projects – …… in short, everything about managing and trading real estate


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