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    School Information System (SIS) WhatsApp Mobile App

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    Project description:

    I am a government school teacher from Pakistan.

    Education in Pakistan is not so good and despite several interventions, nearly half of all Pakistani Children are still not in schools and suffering child labor.

    Barely 60% of children complete grades 1 to 5 at primary school.

    Moreover the student who are in schools are not learning. Our millions of children cannot read or write, whether they are in school or not.

    And unfortunately, we don’t have enough quality
    teachers to overcome these all problems.

    But I have an idea to overcome this, Idea to teach student through YouTube educational videos and through WhatsApp groups.

    I think YouTube is the best school, one can learn anything from it. And for giving kids to a chance to learn better, a teacher could search her subject relative videos from it and could share these videos with students through WhatsApp groups.

    This idea is very simple on YouTube thousands of educational videos are there for kids learning to teach them every subject’s topics. A teacher could share these videos with students very easily with the help of WhatsApp.

    I himself doing this and my students really enjoy this kind of teaching. And their learning is improved greatly by this. What I do is that I have created WhatsApp groups for all my school’s classes. WhatsApp group for grade 1, WhatsApp of group of grade 2, grade 3 and so on. And whatever lesson I teach in my school I share this lesson’s relative YouTube videos through WhatsApp.

    Now I need to inspire other teachers to adopt this method. So for this, I need a mobile app which can create WhatsApp groups for teachers.

    Last year, the Pakistani School Education Department developed a School Information System (SIS) mobile app. 50,000 public schools have registered 11.6 million students via this App.

    Each student name, current grade, phone number etc is in this (SIS) App database.

    I need an app who could fetch this data by providing the school specific Username & Pass and could create that school classwise groups for teachers automatically.

    This gonna improve the education level of my country. A teacher could interact with parents and students through SMS and if the phone numbers have active WhatsApp then she can also send YouTube educational videos and other helping stuff through this app.

    The best part is that through this App interface we can suggest teachers our recommended Educational videos for different classes/grades on daily bases.

    50k public schools and their 400k teachers are present there to further share these Educational videos with their 11.6 million underprivileged students.


    With this simple app idea we can really save millions of lives and provide them the best quality education of modern world.

    1 Comment

    1. hamed_hossani

      you mentioned “I need a mobile app which can create WhatsApp groups for teachers.”
      in whats app is not possible.
      you can use Telegram.
      Telegram has channel and group ,it’s support bot.with Bot can publish articles to Group and Channels.


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