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    Sean’s Legacy Mentorship Program

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    Project description:

    Sean’s Legacy ( is dedicated to supporting and uplifting LGBTQIA+ youth. As a public health nonprofit, Sean’s Legacy is redefining primary prevention of suicide through education and mentorship. They are devoted to educating friends, parents, and loved ones about youth suicide prevention via social media and online resources. Their mission is to support academic endeavors, promote gender inclusivity in schools and communities, and provide essential educational resources, scholarships, programs and services to LGBTQIA+ youth. 


    Sean’s Legacy was founded in 2019, ten years following the passing of Sean Myers. To preserve his legacy, they are working to increase LGBTQIA+ representation and identity education as a primary prevention method to reduce suicide among the LGBTQIA+ population. They champion LGBTQIA+ identity education because of the lack of resources available to Sean when he needed them most. 


    Sean’s Legacy intends to establish and implement a professional mentorship program benefiting LGBTQIA+ individuals ages 18 – 25. 

    1. The professional mentorship program will match LGBTQIA+ individuals of ages 18-25 with LGBTQIA+ professionals to help them prepare for college and their careers. 


    The mentorship program would consist of video chat calls between mentors and mentees. Where mentors will have the opportunity to help mentees develop professionally and explain cultural workplace norms and advice in an LGBTQIA+ affirming safe space

    The product will be an online mentorship platform (separate from, but linking to that allows mentees to schedule meetings with mentors that align with their interests and career objectives. This product’s goal is to implement a sense of belonging and hope to LGBTQIA+ adults in the hopes to prevent suicide ideation. 


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