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    Secure Identity Document Management for NGO Workers

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    Project description:

    I serve with a non-profit organization in Europe.

    In the course of my first four years overseas, one of the major administrative tasks has been regularly producing various permutations and combinations of our identity documents: passports, birth and marriage certificates, residency documents, attestations of financial support and health insurance from our organization, etc. All of these for varying combinations of family members, with or without translations, in print or electronic form, as individual files or as a single file, etc.

    And so a dedicated piece of software would be incredibly helpful that could:

    • securely…
    • organize these documents…
    • with labels for the various categories (which member of the family, which language, what kind of document, etc.)…
    • and something like profiles of the output document (“family book’ [=birth certificates, marriage certificate, with translations], “residency renewal paperwork”, etc.)
    • to produce (ideally) single PDF documents for electronic or print use.

    If this idea became a reality it would greatly streamline any number of paperwork processes that add to the complexity and demands of living and serving overseas. I think this would also facilitate sharing know-how with one another very effectively this way. For example, sharing templates of “visa renewal paperwork” (etc.) with one another so that we don’t each reinvent the wheel and learn on our own what could simply be borrowed from someone else.

    In all my searching, I don’t see a comparable program that already exists, whether for ex-pats generically or specifically intended for non profit workers/volunteers.

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    1. Andrew Breidenbach


      I think that because the main requirements for this utility would be centered around presentation/export to pdf that a web application would be a good way to go.

      To satisfy your security requirement, client-side storage could be used so that sensitive information would never even be sent to the server.

      I have a website that generates completed legal documents. Perhaps it would reduce your workload if this software also assisted with the visa renewal paperwork.


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