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    Site web or app for homeless men

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    Project description:

    I want a simple app, that tracks homeless men, 

    Every homeless man, has a story that led him in the street, i want to create a site web, with profiles , of homeless men, and what they need, and their stories, how did they find themeselves in the streets, and the possible solutions. 

    Something where you have a list of names, and ages, and where you can put a photo. This site has an administrator , and is open for other people to add profiles, and with other elements that helps people to understand them


    1. Hack4Impact BU

      We would love to help! Is this project taken?

      • heureu_prince

        hello it as been some time, but the idea emerged again in my brain, are you open to help in this
        thnak you

      • heureu_prince

        hi i am just waiting for your answer i already need it

    2. cmbannan

      Have you thought about how to get the money to the homeless? Bank accounts are out. Maybe gift cards, bu they expire.

      • heureu_prince

        i don’t know, just for example a way to get people to know them, who they are, and how did find themselves in the street, sometimes their problemes are not complicated.

    3. Mikedodduk

      I had a similar idea last year that gives homeless people a laminated QR code, people then scan and get serverd adverts and the homeless person gets the money.

      People dont have cash on them very often these days and so its getting more difficult but everyone has a phone in their hand.

      Its difficult with them having bank accounts and access to the money but thats where local charities can recieve the funds to give it to the homeless.

      It feels like a real way to help and along with your thoughts it feels like a good way to give back.

      • indis

        Hi, I like your idea very much. But it’s not about app development, right? We just need to go out and give QR codes to homeless and then make an advertisement that we gave codes to homeless so please people get them scanned, because homeless receive money for that. Right?


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