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    Small Charity with Big Vision! HFS – alleviating poverty, creating homes, rebuilding lives and protecting the planet

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    Project description:

    HFS is the local independent furniture & electrical reuse charity that has been fighting furniture poverty in Hastings & Rother since 1988.

    Our Vision We believe every person, across Hastings and Rother, should have a bed to sleep on, a cooker to prepare basic meals with and the essential furniture to create a comfortable, safe home.

    Our Mission To help alleviate poverty by providing low-cost quality re-used furniture and electrical goods to low-income households; creating opportunities to enable individuals to improve their lives; diverting waste from landfill and reducing CO2e emissions.

     What we do

    We currently have 3 large stores in Hastings and Bexhill that sell quality re-used furniture and electrical items. Households on low income get a 50% discount ensuring that these items are affordable for all.

    We run volunteer employment programmes which provide practical opportunities for local people to gain skills, experience and confidence to enable them to further their careers.

    We are also proud to be part of the circular economy and we aim to be at the forefront in tackling climate change across the region; to inspire and energise our community to reduce C02e emissions and be part of the solution for Net Zero. 

     We also provide essential starter packs (including bedding; cooking utensils; toiletries and cleaning products) for families who are moving into social housing; refugees who are being resettled and women and children who are leaving refuges. These new “homes” are often bare empty flats; without even a bed to sleep on; a cooker to cook meals with or the essential furniture to create a comfortable; safe home.

     Despite furniture poverty not receiving the same recognition as food or fuel poverty; it remains a harsh reality in our society. In the aftermath of the pandemic; compounded by the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis; HFS has experienced a substantial increase in demand for our services.

    We are really proud of the work we do, however we need to update our website, as it is out of date and does not reflect the work that we do.  We need your help, thank you.

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    1. bndev_passion

      Your vision to provide the necessary resuources to lower income household group perfectly aligns with my thought. That’s why I want to work on this project. Thank you


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