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    Social Media presence for non-profit (Animal Rescue)

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    Project description:

    Founded animal rescue & sanctuary after sister passed away.  She was an 18 year Veteran, served as US Army Seargent.  She sustained brain injury while on duty in Iraq and died after eight brain surgeries.  

    Kathy Duffie was an avid animal rescuer!  When she passed, all her animals became AMBASSADORS of the organization we founded in her honor:  Duffie’s Dames Animal Rescue & Sanctuary.  

    We had a friend set-up and establish a domain for our business, but we are not familiar with WordPress and web-developing and anything like Facebook, Instagram, etc

    We have reached out to various organizations such as WeVenture and local community centers and nearby colleges and high schools … all with some initial promise, but none with communication and follow through necessary and paramount to running and establishing a non-profit organization. 

    Please check out our website:


    Phone:  1-800-944-0103

    Looking forward to having someone assist us through this start-up phase.  

    Thank you for your considerations.   

    ~Maureen & Ken of Duffie’s Dames


    1. mehtasa23


      I am a Junior in High School, and I have experience with wed development, app development, computer programming, and social media marketing. I have 2 certifications in computer programming (one of which includes web development), and I have 1 certification in AI. I also run my own non-profit organization which has a good social media presence and which is aimed towards promoting Women in STEM. I am head of communications for another non profit organization, and I am social media lead for YMCA’s Model United Nations. I’d love to help you out! Just to clarify, are you looking for help with your website, an app, and/or social media accounts?

      • JellyBeanFeet

        Emailed you .., but honestly not sure if you get to see it or if we needed to post our reply here


        Hello there!

        So great to hear from you!!

        We need someone EXACTLY with your qualifications!!!

        Looking for Social Media Presence (Facebook, Instagram and whatever else you recommend)

        Also looking for help updating our website (WordPress) with current LOGOs and color scheme (see attached)

        Any chance we could talk soon??

        What’s your availability?

        ~Maureen & Ken


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