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    TargetHub – The social network for TI’s by TI’s

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    Project description:

    TargetHub is a Social Network specifically for Targeted Individuals that is currently under development. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals, the world over, who as a result of whistle-blowing, filing a legal complaint against someone in authority or simply having the gumption to speak truth to power, have unwittingly found themselves the subject of convert harassment campaigns. Disinformation is purposely spread in these individuals local community and to their friends and family and thus these individuals ultimately end up completely isolated, depressed and suicidal over time. The goal of TargetHub is to provide 24/7 online community-based support for Targeted Individuals as well as a platform for them to document their harassment, chat and exchange ideas. 

    Building a large scale, distributed social networking platform from scratch is a non trivial task. Whilst I’m more than capable of building the entire platform myself (I’m an experienced software engineer) time is against me since I would like to get this platform in the hands of the vulnerable people who need it as expeditiously as possible. I’m thus looking for one or more Java or Full stack developers (with Java experience) to assist me with development.

    The software stack is as follows Java8,Hibernate,SpringBoot,MySQL. Although, anyone with core Java development skills from 6 onwards will do since I can train you on the rest of the stack. The day to day work will involve building out a series of micro services and writing the associated unit tests. Some API-Level testing may also be involved using Postman.

    I recognize that to date the plight of Targeted Individuals has gone practically unheard since the mainstream media seldom cover these abuses due to there sensitive nature (these harassment campaigns are typically sanctioned at a high level) and thus I have included links to some videos which explain the phenomenon in more detail. 

    The first is the tragic testimony of Myron May who unfortunately killed himself and others in retaliation for what had been a period of ongoing harassment. Myron was a well respected lawyer before being targeted (perhaps he brought a case against the wrong person). Here’s the link: Targeted Individual – Myron May

    The second link is to a documentary that Vice did on the topic which has, to date, been viewed over 1.3 million times: Vice – Targeted Individual Documentary

    Please get in contact if you are able to provide some development help.


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