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    The Afforestation Project

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    Project description:

    The Afforestation Project is a not-for-profit organisation and Irish charity mobilized with the aim of developing the most efficient, reliable & scalable system for carrying out large-scale tree plantations.

    Our mission is to optimize tree planting for all forestry movements around the world by developing authentic tree plantation management software and demonstrating practical, and easy to replicate operational models for carrying out tree plantations.

    Our motivation is to help all forestry organisations around the world to plant 1,000,000,000,000 trees to significantly mitigate climate change.

    For the last year we have been working on an innovative online tree-plantation management platform called the ‘Forest Network’. This software allows any forestry organisation to register their plantation sites, recruit volunteers, manage plantation events, get publicity & raise donations.

    We have also been working on a ‘communal plantation model’ where we team up with county councils to recruit a number of close-by communities to all contribute to planting at one, large local plantation that they will help to maintain for decades.

    We are currently looking for developers and designers to help us fulfill our vision of registering all the world’s forestry movements on the ‘Forest Network’.

    We are also partnered with Google not-for-profits program that gives us free Google Cloud credits allowing our platform to be based on Google Maps technologies.


    1. kylem866

      Hi, are you still looking for developers? I have a whole web development agency with me and we’d love to help!

    2. georgenoble

      Definitely interested in this, but not available till mid-May!

      • filipafforestation

        Hi George. That is awesome. I would love to get into a call with you to discuss this project a bit more. You being available from mid-May is not the end of the world. We plan to work on this for years! Let me know and we can Skype 🙂


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