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    We are developing learning content built-in WebXR for Middle School Math

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    Project description:

    Our solution is to use Virtual Reality software applications in order to accelerate Middle School Math scores.

    We are proposing the solution of a VR application platform, similar to Khan Academy, which would be easily accessible to teachers and parents, using WebXR which would be compatible with number of output devices and most VR headsets. We aim to increase the magnitude of content for students in this application by including curricular VR scenarios for middle school Math, using the Common Core Math Curriculum for grades 6-8 (

    Through our open source and free platform and content, we will open up access to first-rate education at a scale that was never before possible. 

    What we need volunteers for:

    We need volunteers to develop WebXR games, in Unity.

    We need VR(webxr) Math lessons based on the middle school curriculum ( . 

    Unity projects should be created with a 3D VR environment in mind, where the student can move around a 3d area and interact with objects and physics.

    Volunteers will be responsible for creating content and submitting webxr ready project to us as a Unity project, and zipped webxr build. 

    All content will be hosted online and free to access for students. We are working with schools in the US, Grenada and Ghana, but the platform will be open to all. 

    About us:

    We are a dedicated team of experienced K12 educators, developers, designers, artists, programmers, and most importantly Educational technology & VR enthusiasts from around the world. We have been offering immersive solutions to clients in multiple countries since the VR boom in 2016. As director, I have 20 years of experience in the K12 education field and in IT.


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