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    Uche Kpaduwa

    Website that helps activist organize and communicate ( for progressive activism)

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    Project description:

    I already have a front-end developer working with the project. I need a back-end developer and a designer to complete the team. 

    We have already spoke to, a nonprofit that helps make apps. They told us that they love the project and they want to help get grants and funding once we have built a prototype.

    Please help us build this prototype, so that we can help the website scale. This tool will be invaluable to the progressive movement, because it helps them work together. 



    I want to create a site for activist, political campaigns and labor unions to organize and advertise their events. The site will work like a simplified version of Meetup and serve as a meeting place for progressive causes. 



    I started a nonprofit named Justus & Food and I have been trying to get in touch with the heads of labor unions and activist. I noticed that there is not a place for me to go and see upcoming events, strikes or meetings for groups like the sunrise movement. This website will serve as ground zero for organizing, because of how easy it will be for a progressive organization to collaborate with like minded people in the area. This also means that somebody can organize a protest and advertise the information on the site. Organizations or people in the area that want to make a difference are able to join in and make every protest stronger. Collaboration will be made easy because you can have the schedule and contacts of other progressive organizations.


    Problem this website solves:

    • I want the website to answer the question of “how do I get involved with local politics, labor unions or activist groups” we want to give people an easy place to go and get involved.

    • Nonprofits, charities and labor unions will be able to post events and communicate with organizations and people.

    • If you are a worker trying to organize a union, you can reach out to unions that have been established in your area and get their support. Union busting techniques have been used by companies and management, so there has to be a centralized support system for activist and labor. That way it won’t be as easy as shutting down a bunch of individual people that are fighting for things like unions or progressive political causes.


    Ongoing Promotion

    • I will reach out organizers (labor union leaders, political campaigns or activist) and ask them to post their public events on the site. I can show them that they also have an easy place to communicate with other progressive organizations. My organization already has relationships with some labor union leaders and political campaigns.

    • I will let organizers and volunteers know that there is a centralized place for you to go and volunteer and meet other people fighting for progressive causes near you. 


    Skills required:


    Software Engineer
    Can complete in 1 week
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