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    Ableme: Disability volunteer matching

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    Project description:

    The disability assistance app will function primarily to connect people with disabilities to volunteers and professionals in both Canada and the US to commence.  

    Filters and location will connect the ideal volunteer and professional to any type of disability.  Some example services offered: visual support for the blind through image transfer and verification , mobile pick up and drop off ( appointments, groceries, errands etc..), home repairs and property help, moving support.  Disabilities supported are visual and hearing impairment, autism, special needs, physical disability, learning and cognitive, mental illness. Additional support includes employment opportunities, housing support postings, disability professionals matching location based businesses categorically to mental and physical disabilities (physical therapy, therapy animals, developmental, special needs, autism, etc..) , location based financial subsidies (businesses that offer discounts and assistive products). 

    The app will function in two areas as either someone seeking help or offering, disability or volunteer. 

    We are looking for assistance to build the functionality from wireframes, front end and graphical help is also required along with maintenance. 

    Thank you for your consideration. 

    1 Comment

    1. ricardopoleo

      Hello guys. An amazing idea the one that you propose here.

      I have a couple of questions for you to begin with:

      A) Do you guys have a backend engineer to support you with that idea? I mean, I see the tags are more related to the mobile part so, I’m assuming, correct me if I’m wrong, that you have the backend already covered in this instance. If not, B), if yes, C)

      B) Do you have any particular preference for the language?

      C) Does that backend already have an API working? To connect with those mobile Apps?

      Last but not least: do you have any particular host where to put and support that application?

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      Kind regards


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