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    Bo Kowal

    Cloud Atlas

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    Project description:


    -first coder studying the Google Maps Platform Gaming Solution SDK for Unity 3D reference (28.10.2020)


    – code a Google Earth Clone with help of the ‘terrain elevation’ and ‘mixed-zoom’ tools and the Playable Location API, coming with the SDK:





    Hi there,

     If you are a game coder/developer, feel very welcome.

    Because the Cloud Atlas is a collective computer, an animated VR library based on Wikipedia, a learning, sustainability and entertainment platform, a digital government “of the people, run by the people, for the people”, which, with the Google Maps Platform for Gaming Solution SDK for Unity 3D, is able to be developed like a game.


    WHAT IS THE  “The Google Maps Platform Gaming Solution”?

    The Google Maps Platform Gaming Solution is a development platform for creating games that feature world scenes constructed from Google Maps geospatial data, and rendered at run-time by the Unity game engine. The platform provides simple, powerful, programmatic access to geographic data.

    You can create an immersive gaming environment that replicates real-world surroundings. You don’t just get a high quality basemap of the player’s location, you get one overlaid with buildings and world geometry, and it includes metadata that lets you understand the world and build immersive gameplay. You can then enhance this basemap with styling, building textures, lighting effects, and physical properties (collision detection for example).



    The following happens inside the Google Maps for Gaming Solution SDK for Unity 3D:

    1.  BASE DEVELOPMENT (Minimum Viable Product)

    the first look, after installing the SDK, is an old Google Maps like appearance.

    First thing to do is to make it look like Google Earth, but without their user interface.

    (If you zoom out, the Cloud Atlas shows the world globe, hovering in space, zoom in brings you to oceans and landscapes, with a satellite/Google Maps like view, while further zooming in brings you to a 3D satellite, so Google Earth like view.)

    POI’s, Places, Wikipedia articles, names and borders included. (that comes all from the SDK, if Google Maps or Earth changes a POI or a Place, or Wikipedia changes an article, the Cloud Atlas does instantly too)

    1.1 Make the temporary “Google Earth Clone” available online, making the user able to place calls, for voluntary coders to code and upload new or improved features or interfaces.



    Unity 3D GAME DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT (Unity 2020.1.10) (

    Google Maps Platform for Gaming Solution SDK (2019) (

    Google Maps Platform for Gaming Solution DOCUMENTATION (

    Maps SDK for Unity API REFERENCE & Playable Locations API REFERENCE (


    HOW TO STAY UP TO DATE? (introduction, concept, description, upcoming features and actual mockups of the upcoming website and app) (project page) (project page)

    Coder and developer usually send me a private message and we stay in touch via Skype.



    There is access to the Google Maps Gaming Platform, pending 60.000€ of platform credits for nonprofits, a pending Wikipedia Grant of about 100.000€ and all we need is voluntary coder and developer for the minimum viable product, to get finally started.



    99% of the utilities will be payed by special non-profit offers from Google and advancements will eventually be payed from the Wikipedia Projects Grant.

    There will be a fee for companies and institutions, but free to use access for individuals and options for donations and platform intern crowdfunding.



    You should be a game coder, designer or game/platform developer.

    You should be experienced in the Unity 3D platform.

    Ideally you should be experienced with the Wikimedia project in terms of working with their data bases Wikipedia and Wikidata.

    Thats great if you fit, but if not, get in touch with us either.

    Tell us, what it is, you think you can help with and why you would be a perfect fit for us.


    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Bo from Cologne, Germany


    1. Joel

      Hi, I’m really not clear from your description what your aim is, and what that looks like in actionable tasks. For example, what does

      “First stage is to bring the written Wikipedia articles into the Cloud Atlas as living animations.”


      • worldpeaceengine

        the Wikipedia articles are already located in the Google Earth app, what is the basefor the Cloud Atlas, thanks to the Google Maps Platform for Gaming SDK.


        If there is an article with, for example, giraffe, located in the african bush or at a zoo near you, we want to turn the boring dot with the article behind it, into an animated 3d model of a giraffe.

        we doing this article by article by article with the help of the crowd (there should be options for a user to place a call for a coder)

        later i hope we doing this automated.


        and than, very later, when the Cloud Atlas (what is basicly a further developed Google Earth clone) is filled with the animated 3d models (the geolocated, animated Wikipedia articles), staying at the geolocations of their natural or artificial occurance, then we start to let the articles, so the 3d models, interact with the help of the game development tools of Unity and the Google Cloud APIs.

        the result is a “living library” that can be developed like an educational game with options for calling free coders for new functions/features. “classic” crowdsourcing

        if its a more advanced feature or functionality that needs a paid coder or a paid company to be realized, than the crowd is able to crowdfund the sum for coding the new feature of the collective computer called Cloud Atlas 😉

        such a company could be an experienced game studio for example.


        This Project is actually harder to explain then to code 😀

        Look up the mockups on to get a better impression.

        Kind regards


    2. Muhammad Hasan Ali Siddiqui

      Hello, I would like participate in this project. Honestly, I am not an experienced developer but I want to learn from these types of project.

      • worldpeaceengine

        Hi Muhammad.

        I think its important to get an influence also from not so much experienced coders or developers, because sometimes, experience gives us a tunnel view that the unexperienced being does not have.

        So i am sure its a good thing to put together the professionals/experienced with the beginners (also in schools), so they able to play out their abilities and ad up to a positive cross section together.

        So feel very welcome, please.

        If you like to keep up to date, keep an eye on the homepage and the donate:code and codeforsocialgood project pages:

        i will update both project pages today with instructions how to start.

        A first free coder is just studying the reference of the Google Maps Platform for Gaming for Unity SDK to start the project.

        We are on the way!!! 🙂

        send me a private message with your whatsapp or skype and we keep in touch, while developing the MVP together.

        Kind regards



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