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    covid-19 factory reopening guidelines document design

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    Project description:

    Good Business Lab (GBL), in pursuit of contributing efforts to mitigate the Covid-19 crisis, plans to deploy a General Guideline for Formulating Policies for Labor Intensive Industries. This document is meant to serve as a reference for labor intensive industries – like textiles and garments but not limited to them – as they prepare to open factories/spaces and design workplace policies to adapt to a “new normal”.

    Project Objective: Infographic Design

    The aforementioned guideline document is available for download here. Currently, this exists in a text-only format catering to our partners/ clients.

    A complementary idea is to set up a Covid-19 webpage hosted on our current website that deconstructs this document to bite-sized information by

    a)    Further categorizing the guidelines in a succinct, to-the-point manner

    b)   Communicating pieces of information within the guidelines through a visual medium to ease comprehension

    This SOW document seeks assistance on point (b).


    Scope of Work:

    To design 4 infographics on the following (please refer to this linked document for reference):


    a.     Worker Touchpoint Map to visualize target areas to keep clean and design a social distancing policy around (P13, Appendix Section 7.1)

    b.    Welcome Kit Day 0 to welcome workers with the basic essentials they require in the “new normal” to continue work diligently (P7, Section 4)

    c.     Communication principles/ guidelines that remind everyone of the new norm and recommended behavior from time to time (P8, general principles of communication – we will add more information to this)

    d.    Innovation (P 11, Out Of The Box)




    We envision the infographics to complement the text, keeping GBL Brand Guidelines in mind. All the necessary information & text content will be provided by us.




    To be completed latest by May 20, 2020.



    Skills required:


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