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    Develop platform that eradicate poverty and make all members have WEALTH FREE LIFE

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    Project description:

    Project description:

    We are a charity “WEALTH FREE LIFE” with a vision to eradicate poverty from people’s life and to create and allow all to achieve Wealth Free Life.

    With your amazing help you will join our team to make this vision reality!

    We plan to develop with your professional code mastery and creativity the most innovative complex web platform to allow its members to reach financial freedom and become wealthy with passive income, and many income streams via:

    1. Affiliate membership referral up to 90% commission!

    2. Investment compounding pool via auto trading bots

    3. Our WFL Blockchain Hybrid development we clone//copy/code develop with many DeFi income streams.

    4. Market place where members can buy and sell with our crypto coin (commission free)

    We have many parts of the platform features in code of Python,  JavaScript also Solidity that you need to integrate, upgrade and/or re-code.

    Each member in our WFL team receive rewards when the platform is online and working:

    1. Lifetime Ultimate Membership value of 1200$ per year

    2. 1000 WFL coins value 1000$ at launch (they can reach X100 in value)

    3. Recognition on our wall of fame 

    Together we co-create a better world and change the life of millions for the better!

    This is once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of something massive of creating solutions of wealth free life for humanity

    How it works for example:

    When you invite 10 members with the ultimate plan at 100$ monthly, you earn 900$ monthly! Then reinvest it in Investment compounding auto trade pool and gain 10% per month.

    After 3 years you will have in your wallet 300,000$!  Or after 10 years 911,000,000$ minimum 

    No one will need to work after that, and you can have all your life free fun… 

    By joining this amazing opportunity you will create the wealth free life for yourself, your family, friends and all people in the world.

    Thank you in advance and gratitude for being part of this great project platform for humanity! 

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