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    Digital Dignity e.V.

    Digital Dignity | Making the Internet a safe place

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    Project description:

    Digital Dignity is a Berlin-based but globally active Non-Profit organization. We are 20+ volunteers from 15+ countries worldwide. Our vision is to make the internet a safe place. 

    Besides shaping policies we build technology to bring back control of our personal identity on the internet. Our current focus is the web tool Am I In Porn?. 


    What is the project about?

    Four years ago a friend of ours became a survivor of revenge porn and since there was no solution for her to find her material online we came up with a tool called “Am I In Porn?”, a face search engine to find out if you appear on porn sites. 

    Our current focus is on building a new version and extending it to search on many more websites, platforms and channels. 


    What are we offering?

    As a volunteer of Digital Dignity we offer you a beautiful remote environment with a lovely, harmony-driven community and a lot of experienced co-workers to learn from as well as a green field to explore and make your own experiences, most probable with your own independent projects. We are working voluntarily and remotely at our own pace. Our flat hierarchy means we self-drivenly choose the task we think has the most impact towards our vision. 

    Happiness and harmony are our main values. We want to stay passionate 🙂


    What are we looking for?

    To keep a healthy team identity we are only looking for self-driven people to join our initiative whose motivation is especially the good cause. We believe intrinsic motivation is the highest good, that is why we are open to new beginners as well as experienced experts. You can support us in the following fields:


    DevOps / Infrastructure:

    • AWS based

    • Kubernetes



    • NodeJS (Typescript), Python

    • MongoDB


    AI / Machine Learning

    • Tensorflow, Keras

    • Face recognition & other image-based model training



    • CSS, HTML

    • React


    UX & UI

    • User-driven concepts

    • Wireframing

    • Graphic design

    • Mobile design

    • Web design


    • SEO

    • SEA

    • Social Media management & creation


    Here you can find a general overview about Am I In Porn?:


    More about our other initiatives are at:


    If you want to know more feel free to ask via mail:



    Digital Dignity Team


    1. Dracicida

      Howdy! I’d love to sharpen my python skills helping you guys out, just send me a message 🙂

    2. mariamendes

      Hi, I got super interest in volunteering for this project! I just send an email 🙂


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    Allon Guralnek
    Backend Software Engineer
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