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    Fight Covid: Medical Masks Demand & Supply Platform Prototyping

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    Project description:

    Recently, I’ve been trying to do my part to help with the covid pandemic by coordinating with various volunteer groups tasked with procurement of Chinese manufactured medical supplies and shipping them to front line medical personnel and health centers in the USA battling the outbreak.

    In doing so, I’ve realized there remains much need and opportunities for optimizing this entire process. Including:

    • Clear assessment of demand needs by medical staff and hospitals: product specifications, volumes needed by when, budget requirements, etc.
    • Forecasting short, mid, long-term needs based on real-time data of medical staff on duty vs incoming patients
    • Onboarding global suppliers and their products: specifications, functions, locations, distribution info, pricing per volumes, etc.
    • Algos for matching demand and supply
    • Enabling direct communication and/or chat with translations for timely coordination

    This is especially essential during healthcare crisis such as Covid-19, but can serve as a long-term solution even after this pandemic is quelled; to help ensure that the world is better prepared for potential pandemics of the future.


    1. shreyag

      Hi! This project sounds like a very good idea . How can I get involved.

    2. johnothon

      Hi, this sounds very impactful! I don’t have as much fullstack experience as the others but I’d be glad to help out on any backend work in Java / Python. My email is

    3. jillness

      Hi there! I’m a junior data scientist with experience in writing lead generation algos, matching buyers and sellers. Do you still have the need?

    4. TiaRose

      Hi, I would love to help. I am a Jr. Full Stack Developer knowledgeable in React, React Native, Node.js and python

    5. Marta Carrizo Ibarra

      I’m a full stack developer, have worked with js (react, angular), graphql, node, php, sql, postgres… and I could help for some hours eveyr week.
      How could i get involved?

    6. Perry Yang

      Hi, i unfortunately do not have as much web development experience as these guys but would love to help in any way. my background is more in site reliability so i could do any kind of backend work or work on getting this site/app hosted to the public, etc

    7. Jeff Stolz

      Hi! I’m a product design consultant, let me know if you need any part-time design / html&css help on the project, happy to help. My email is

    8. Adriana Black

      Hello! this project sounds really interesting, I would love to help. I am a full stack developer with experience in react, javascript, html, css a bit of graphql. how can I get involved?

    9. Come Tisserand

      Hi, a very exciting project! I am a junior Full-stack Web developer and I would be happy to help in this project, feel free to contact me!


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