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    Hackathon WEattitude

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    Project description: is seeking your assistance through contribution of your web development expertise

    to optimize our philanthropic crowd-source web platform/app. We anticipate that this crowd-source

    web platform will positively impact hundreds of millions of people all over the world including, but

    not limited to, people facing issues related to humanitarian crises, corruption, poverty, trafficking,

    abuse, social integration, terrorism, and personal realization of underprivileged children, young

    people, adults and families.

    Up till now, despite being faced with limited financial resources, we have successfully self-funded and

    bootstrapped our way to efficiently design our web platform, analytics, and overall strategy. We have

    currently exhausted our resources; hence we are seeking experienced volunteers in several expert

    niches to help us in the final phase of the development process. The requirements include, but are

    not limited to, volunteers with skills related to: UI/UX Designers, Database Design, Content

    Specialists, Web Developers, Website Load Testing, Marketing Strategists, Multimedia Specialists and Editors.


    1. John Yzaguirre


      I saw your post about this project and wanted to invite you to our community of web app developers, designers, project leaders and mentors. We put together teams of people who want to make a positive impact through technology.

      This is volunteer based and we combine mentors with years of experience, motivated juniors ( usually college senior or above ), and project leaders ( that would be you ). You are setup with a toolset that is 100% free and requires zero setup time, allowing you to get down to making your digital product. Teams are also able to showcase their progress through cross-pollination meetings if you decide to participate.

      It only takes a few minutes to check out our discord so I hope you will stop by and go to the announcements page where I’ve left a quick welcome video ( this was actually a presentation I made live yesterday ).

      Best of luck with your project and hope to see you in our introductions channel =)

      link to our discord channel:


    2. Juan Calvo Pozo

      Hi, I can’t find information about the project, could you please give more details?


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