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    Abraham Dika

    Help farmers and consumers get out of poverty by increasing their trade products and services

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    Project description:


    I. Mission Statement

    We are building a benevolent marketplace that enables increase exchange of products and services between producers and consumers of local products and services in poor countries. The aim is to increase the supply and demand and thus get people out of poverty.

    II. The Context

    I.  Help Reduce World Poverty

    This platform will support hardworking middle-class buyers in developing countries and around the world to support their families, with greater access to goods and services at lower costs. We will also allow them to combine both cash and credit payments in their purchases, and these could be reimbursed through services. At the same time, sellers will have access to a larger pool of buyers.

     II.  Our talented and dynamic Team

    We have a Team of professional, senior and motivated developers, architects and a Project Manager, in an alliance, and determined to bring a positive change to the word through this transformative platform. As a collaborative Team, we are excited by this opportunity for continuous learning and practical implementation of new technologies in solving world problems. No challenge is too great for us and we always succeed in addressing all functional and technical breakthroughs by knowledge sharing and a leveraging our pool very talented resources involved in this exciting journey. By joining us, you will witness a tremendous acceleration of your technical potential.

    III. Technology Stack

    We use NextJS, a Production ready MERN (Mongo DB, Express, React, Node JS) stack, with a robust IT infrastructure and mature implementation processes. 

    IV.  Transform People lives, for the better

    The world benefits will be increased through a larger volume of economic transactions. This will significantly reduce the barriers of financial limitations that currently restrain people access to a greater supply of products and services.

    V.    H      V.  How are we going to make it?


    This platform will enable local producers in Africa, the Middle East, and south Europe, south America; with no subscription fee, to sell their goods to a larger community of buyers. On another end, we will empower hard-working middle-class consumers to access produces at almost a very low cost, and to repay through a combination of cash payments and services. This is highly needed, otherwise, the produces would continue to rotten in the farms as they are now, because of no buyer. Our drive is to help open new opportunities for the less fortunate, and usher greater opportunities for the world.

    VI.          VI. We are delivering on our promise


    We plan to deploy this platform in order to enable local producers in Africa, the Middle East, and later Europe, Eurasia and America; with no subscription fee, to sell their products to a greater community. On another end, we would like to empower unemployed consumers to acquire produces at almost a free cost, they could then repay as their means will allow and by providing services. Otherwise, the produces would rotten in the farms, because of no buyer. Our drive is to help open new opportunities for the less fortunate, and usher greater opportunities for the world.


    1. Kamalapriya Subramanian

      I have a basic knowledge of NodeJS and hence NextJS. I would like to contribute in your project. Is there still an opening?

    2. gopimodi

      Hi, let me know if you need any help in coding. I am willing to help.

    3. nanda ch

      I am a full stack developer on javascript let me know how can I help in my free time?


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