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    Kevin Huang

    Help fight Global Warming and Poverty – Seeking Developers

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    Project description:



    My name is Kevin and I am from Toronto!

 , a social enterprise, is seeking far and wide for Co-Founders and Volunteers for development of charitable platforms.


    According to the American Psychiatric Association, eco-anxiety is defined as “a chronic fear of environmental doom.” A UNICEF global youth study found that half or more surveyed replied that this anxiety manifests as daily distress, fright, sadness, anger, guilt, and feelings of being ignored or dismissed. As well, as stated by Oxfam, 11 people die every minute from starvation. aims to evolve more global empathy to help Millennials and GenZ cope with eco-anxiety, rejuvenate the climate and improve human well-being, through our socially conscious business model, where 95% of profits go to environmental and poverty alleviation charities that are chosen by users. While our products (clones/alternatives) might have similar features to our competitors offerings, our value proposition is not the same. We are not trying to innovate charity, we are trying to disrupt humanity and the entire tech industry through an evolved ethical internet that is focused on“reconnection” of the global community and natural world.



    Our Sticky Slogans:


    Apathy is a choice, subscribe to an ethical internet.


    if(tech == evolved) { develop(love); }



    If you are an experienced and competent coder (front end and/or back end developer), care about global warming and have felt the need to help the most impoverished people, please do make contact and we can share with you more details.



    Contact us  if you have an empathetic passion to help others

    and we will share with you our pitch deck/white paper.





    And we are definitely looking for more caring people to help with other volunteer positions.

    Reach out!


    Thanks for reading this.

    Peace and be well 🙂



    Kevin H.


    1. Sean Lynch

      Hi, I am a freshly graduated CompSci Student, I have developed websites in PHPmyAdmin, Django and Flask. I am also able to do front-end using HTML5 CSS and BootStrap.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

      • Kevin Huang

        Hi Sean!

        I sent you an email, but often my emails get marked as spam when I use my ProtonMail account.

        Thanks so much for reaching out!

        Take care!
        Kevin H.

    2. Kamalapriya Subramanian

      Hi, I have a hands-on knowledge in Node JS. Will I able to volunteer in this project?

      • Kevin Huang

        Hello Kamalapriya,

        Sorry for my slow reply!
        Thanks so much for your reply.

        I made a major pivot and I’m working on a new pitch.
        When it’s ready, I hope we can connect some how 🙂

        Take care and be well!
        Best regards,

    3. sylleryum

      Hi, what are the knowledge requirements you are looking for? (E.g.: language, frontend/backend…)

      • Kevin Huang

        hey sylleryum,

        I sent you and email, sadly sometimes my emails go to spam.

        Thanks so much!
        Take care 🙂

        Best regards,

      • Kevin Huang

        Hello sylleryum!
        Thank you for your question.

        Sorry, I’m not technical at all, and I just made a pivot.
        Is there a way I could send you a message with some details and send a pitch deck/white paper?

        On your profile page it linked to GitHub and your LinkedIn. Could we use one of those channels?

        I’m looking for a CTO for one of our projects, but IT support skills would be a great thing to share 🙂

        Thank you so much!
        Be well 🙂
        Best regards,
        Kevin Huang


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