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    Lisa F Geng

    Help for the Cherab Foundation website

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    Project description:

    The Cherab Foundation is a worldwide nonprofit organization working to improve the communication skills, education, and advocacy of children on the neurological spectrum; with an emphasis on autism and verbal apraxia, a severe, neurologically-based communication disorder that used to be rare in pediatrics but has been on the rise within the past two decades.

    As a volunteer-based 501c3 nonprofit for over 20 years, our site has been built by our (not web designer) board members which is why we are desperately in need of a website developer who can redesign our site to make it easier for parents to navigate and find the information they need for their children. You can view our current website at  We would like to add a membership section to the website for parents that don’t want to share their child’s personal information on Facebook, where our current support groups are hosted.

    The Cherab Foundation supports and embraces all children with a communication impairment such as Apraxia and Autism, and believes all children, regardless of diagnosis or ability to communicate verbally, have the right to education and the opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams without stigma, prejudice, or bullying. We have several initiatives that achieve these goals including a multimedia documentary project, a proactive antibullying project, and various research projects. Several of our events have received national and international press, and we are currently planning on taking some of our initiatives to schools nationwide to help children at the root.

    The ideal candidate understands the importance of our projects and is passionate about building beautiful functional websites.

    Working together with our nonprofit team you will

    • Redesign our current website so it’s easier to navigate
    • Create a membership section of the website
    • Help us streamline the information we share

    Since the Cherab Foundation team is spread out across the US, we all work remotely.

    While this position is volunteer-based to start, we are currently applying for grants, and this could lead to a permanent paid position.  We appreciate with a volunteering position time is limited and hours are irregular and subject to change, so you will be interacting online on your own schedule. We are looking for someone independent, motivated, and organized who wants to be a part of something important to children and families from the US and all around the globe.  We hope you share our interest in creating positive change by bringing children a voice. 


    1. Lisa F Geng

      With the holidays I won’t be able to move forward till after January 1st. Thank you again so much for offering to help, will get back to you shortly!

    2. rooben

      hi, how can go to futher steps


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    Patrick Anderson
    Scientific Software & Data Science Engineer
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    Front end developer | Product Designer
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