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    Helping passioned people FOR FREE

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    Project description:

    Hello, Comunity donate:code!

    My name is Diego Diaz founder of I am looking for people that can work FOR FREE to make money for everyone.

    I am passionate about designing business ideas and convert them into digital brands that solving problems connects with customers; this is not marketing, this is about teaching & supporting.

    Show me your best skill and let me know what can you do FOR FREE. A lot of people is looking for our knowledge and experience, they have great ideas, our work is converting that idea into sales, once we get that, we all win 🙂

    Looking for:

    Graphic Designers

    UX / UI Designers

    WordPress Experts

    SEO Specialists 

    Front end Developers

    Back end Developers

    Creative Writers

    Social Media Specialists

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    1. cyberpuca

      Hello. I previously developed an educational app with my team as part of a school project( ). I am better in the front-end area, but I do not mind doing back-end too. I would like to help with your project because I am a passionate programmer and I want to help the development of technology as I believe everyone deserves the right to it. I have experience with java, c++, python, bootstrap, css, html, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, MySql. I also love combining creativity and logical thinking and therefore, I like programming and design.


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