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    Abraham Dika

    Helping the world with a next generation e-commerce platform

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    Project description:

    I.Mission Statement

    Could you imagine how exciting it is to get produce on an online store more than you could afford? And not having to worry how to pay it, since it will all be taken care of?

    We are on a mission to build the next generation e-commerce platform that enables the fulfillment of a greater demand and supply of products and services with innovative payment mechanisms. At the core of this is aim to bring a greater satisfaction to consumers and producers/vendors.

    II.The Context

         I.      What is in for you?

    We do not have any large budget except our love and determination to serve mankind. We intend to open new avenues for an evolutive economy, where the service to the welfare of mankind is our greatest motivation. By coming to grow with us, you will become owner of this initiative and will contribute to raise the living standards everywhere on Earth, and thus open new venues in social and business affairs. On a longer term, all contributing developers will get a substantial stake and will be able to influence its destiny.

     II.      Target Beneficiaries

    This platform will enable the middle-class buyers around the world to have a greater access to goods and services at lower costs, by allowing them to access greater credits, that they could repay by using their time and skillsets to provide a service an thus earn a compensation. At the same time the producers/vendors and service requestors will respectively have a greater access to buyers and service providers.

    III.   Expected benefits

    The general benefits for the world will be the increased volume of business transactions and the economic growth of middle-class communities, by reducing significantly the barriers of financial limitations that currently restrain people access to a greater supply of products and services.

    IV.   How are we going to make it?

    We plan to deploy this platform in order to enable local producers in Africa, the Middle East, and later Europe, Eurasia and America; with no subscription fee, to sell their products to a greater community. On another end, we would like to empower unemployed consumers to acquire produces at almost a free cost, they could then repay as their means will allow and by providing services. Otherwise, the produces would rotten in the farms, because of no buyer. Our drive is to help open new opportunities for the less fortunate, and usher greater opportunities for the world.




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