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    Hyp’Space Artificial Reality App

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    Project description:

    Hyp’Space Artificial Reality is a platform for creating and using virtual two-dimensional and three-dimensional interactive animated navigation spaces. These spaces can be fan arts, “live” photos, fantasy worlds, collages, sketches, and other creative works. Unlike virtual reality and augmented reality, our technology does not require the use of special expensive glasses, and therefore has no associated side effects and restrictions.

    Due to the specifics of the project, currently the software can only be used on the Windows 10 platform. The application for older versions of the Windows operating system is not currently available to a wide range of users. Software for other operating systems is not currently distributed.

    The mission of this project is to make everyday use of three-dimensional spaces and models accessible to everyone without special equipment. How this project will change the world:

    • Creating a library of digital copies of real objects (everyday, lost, existing in single or multiple copies).

    • Increasing the availability of three-dimensional content for regular users. Multiple increase in supply and demand in creating diverse and high-quality three-dimensional models. These models can be animals, birds, various collectibles, interior, landscape, and many other objects.

    • Increase supply and demand in creating images with transparent backgrounds, background images, live Wallpapers, three-dimensional visualizations of rooms and various spaces.

    • Development of projection and sensor technologies necessary for displaying visual content on large surfaces.

    • Refusal to purchase, store, or use real objects whose main purpose of ownership is their visual component. Globally, this will help reduce the consumption of virtually unused goods, as well as reduce the accumulation of household and industrial waste through the use of digital objects. In the future, such objects will largely be able to meet both the needs for shopping and the need to own items of visual value.

    • Reducing the need for indoor storage devices and replacing them with a visual interactive projection on the surface.

    • Using our technology, artists will be able to bring two-dimensional creative works to life and give them volume.

    Currently, you can help the project free of charge by providing assistance in the following areas:

    • Testing the app’s functionality, identifying bugs and shortcomings.

    • Correction of texts and the program interface in English.

    • Translating the interface and texts into Your native language, as well as checking translations made by other users (you must have a good knowledge of the language grammar and application specifics).

    • Promotion of the project on the sites of fan and creative communities, as well as on sites dedicated to three-dimensional modeling, design and programming.

    • Providing free financial assistance for equipment, infrastructure maintenance, development and promotion of the program. This help will allow us to spend as much time as possible developing the app.

    • Create three-dimensional model templates for the community, for which many skins can be created (books, magazines, records, lunchboxes, various containers and boxes, transport, children’s toys, coins, stamps, and more).

    You can help develop the project by sharing information about our project and asking your friends to support it:

    • Writing articles and reviews about the use of the program, advertising materials, as well as creative works created using the program.

    • Posting community content and links on your blogs and on your sites, as well as on your friends ‘ blogs and sites.

    • Create your own galleries on the sites you use or participate in filling existing community galleries with materials that are prepared using our software.

    • Creating a community of users (groups, forums) of the program in your region, advising users and maintaining interest in the program.

    Do not use questionable methods to support our project, such as spam, fraudulent actions, and other methods that cause negative reactions from people and Internet resources.

    Do not create or distribute content using our software that violates the law, is unethical, or may cause a negative reaction.

    Follow the rules of the resources where you post materials. Be correct and patient in communication. Please note that companies developing virtual reality technologies and related equipment may hinder the development of our project. Companies interested in developing projection and large screen technologies can support our project.

    You can take active part in the implementation of the project to create a grand digital world and the development of futuristic technologies to interact. Your help will allow us to focus on improving the software, developing new functionality and tools, and will also benefit the entire user community.

    ARTIFICIAL REALITY in Microsoft Store: 🧲





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