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    Mapping software

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    Project description:

    Search and Rescue Dog Association Ireland North is a Search & Rescue Charity in Northern Ireland. We utilise highly trained search dogs to locate lost, missing and vulnerable missing persons at the request of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. We have a Garmin Atemos 100 /K5 gps unit and dog tracking collar (we would like to use more collars as the Atemos can track up to 20 dogs/collars. We would like to be able to live track/record the dogs by attaching the gps unit to a laptop, and ultimately provide a trail/track to the PSNI as evidence of the areas we have searched, to assist/speed up the search process. Ideally if the gps could be linked somehow to the laptop to display the track/trail on OS maps for Northern Ireland/Ireland as this mapping is used by other Search & Rescue organisations eg Mountain Rescue. We have heard of a software package Caltopo, but are unsure if this  would meet our needs. All members of SARDA IN are volunteers, available 24/7/365 to help find missing persons. We are experts in search dogs, however our IT software skills are limited. Any assitance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks  Davy Fraser


    1. snehgurdasani

      I have experience in developing backend applications with Django and SpringBoot. Currently, I am working on an NGO project using Django. Let me know if I could be of any help. My email is

    2. Jacob Evans

      Hi Davy,

      *Reposting my comment as I don’t think my first went through.

      I’ve read through your proposal, and took a look at the manual of the GPS collar you have. I noticed they reference a free software solution called BaseCamp, that the tracking unit can be connected to track through a PC, and go over previous journeys. You can find the software here: The noted features are:
      “The BaseStation feature of BaseCamp allows you to track your dogs and contacts in real-time on a computer”.

      Please let me know if this meets your requirements, as it certainly sounds like your best bet; I have installed it myself and it seems simple enough, however I cannot test fully as I am not in possession of any compatible device.


    3. HasanAbdirahman

      i am interested please email at


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