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    Abraham Dika

    Next generation e-commerce platform

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    Project description:

    A next generation e-commerce platform that enables the demand and supply of products and services with innovative payment facilities

    Target Beneficiaries

    This platform will enable the middle-class buyers around the world to have a greater access to goods and services af lower costs, while allowing them to access greater credits, that they could repay by converting their available time and skillsets as a compensation. At the same time the producers/vendors and service requestors will have respectively a greater access to buyers and service providers.

    Expected benefits

    The general benefits for the world as a whole will be the increased volume of economic transactions and the economic growth of middle-class communities, by removing the barrier of financial limitations that restrain their access to greater supply of products and services


    1. cplan

      Hi Abraham,

      I received your invitation for this project. My email is I look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,

      • Abraham Dika

        Hi Carlos,
        I just sent you an email to schedule a call. Below are my contact details :

        Phone/WhatsApp : +1 603 276 9675
        Skype: abraham.dika
        E-mail :


    2. Ehsan

      Hi, I just got an invitation my email is ehsonst (at).
      Thanks again

    3. wadahm66

      Hello Abraham ,
      I just got the invitation to the project , my email address is feel free to contact me.

    4. MohamadAlghish

      Hello, Yes I’m interested ,
      This my info contact
      Skype: Mohamad Alghish

      Kind regards,

    5. kingslife20

      Hi Abraham, I got an invitation to join this project, how do we connect. Here’s my email

    6. binyaye

      I’m interested. Feel free to contact me.

    7. SamiXNur

      Hello, I am interested in this opportunity, we can discuss further more. This is my Whatsapp number: +966571596405.

      • Abraham Dika

        Hi SamiXNur,
        I sent you a WhatsApp message. My number is +1 603 276 9675
        Abraham DIka

      • Abraham Dika

        I sent you a WhatsAp message

    8. ciaratamay

      Hi, saw this invitation but can’t see any information on who this is for, who it benefits etc.

      • Abraham Dika

        I just amended additional informatiosn on the project

    9. nap4110

      I am new to this. How can I learn more on how to contribute?

      • Abraham Dika

        Hi nap4110,
        Please do you have a Skype or WhatsApp account ?
        We need to have a visual chat first, before starting the work.

        Abraham Dika

    10. Abraham Dika

      Please could you give me you full name and send ma picture of yourself ? I need to hold a visual chat with to start with

    11. Abraham Dika

      Hi Squardev,
      Sounds good. I am Abraham Dika. Do you have any WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom account ? So I could you for our first meeting.


    12. squardev

      Hello I’m interested, I have knowledge in making e-commerce websites and i can implement payment gateways with stripe, braintree and paypal


    Can complete in 10 days
    Software Developer
    Can complete in 4 weeks
    Full stack web developer
    Can complete in 7 days
    • Address: 8528 S Country Club Dr, Franklin, Wi 53132
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