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    PetOffenders – Contribute to a non-profit web app for reporting animal abuse.

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    Project description:

    The job is for developers/designers looking to enhance their CVs and portfolios with actual experience in the web development field and train in a real team environment, it’s an ongoing project with various types of microservices & technologies used, this project is funded by:

    We are looking for Junior Web developers (Front-end / Back-end/ Full stack) & UI/UX Designers to contribute to this ongoing project for free in which they will gain:

    • Great experience on their Github profile using top notch technologies.
    • Great experience for their designing portfolio.
    • Training in a teams environment which is crucial when working for a bigger company in the future.
    • Once the project is finished there will be a specific page for contributors in which you will be clearly visible with buttons hyperlinked to your contact info.
    • The parent company might provide salaries for further development if the project is completed and gained popularity.

    Job requirements:

    • Clearly communicate in English.
    • Ability to learn any new technologies quickly.
    • Ability to adapt quickly in a GitHub working environment.
    • Decent knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS.
    • Knowledge of NextJS & TailwindCSS is a great plus.
    • Knowledge of AWS & NoSQL databases is a great plus.
    • Contribute 3 times/week or 7 hours/week at least to the project.

    Apply form (copy paste please):

    • Name:
    • Region:
    • English level (max 5):
    • Developer or Designer?
    • Github profile / Portfolio (if exists):
    • Anything else want to say?

    To apply please send me the previous form:

    • Email:
    • Discord: Mlotov#4999
    • Telegram:

    Please also add a comment with your name and where you contacted me.

    Thanks for your time, and have a nice day!


    Moe – Lead Developer & Designer.


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