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    Rise Beyond Initiative (Trauma informed reporting app)

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    Project description:

    We are currently working on a trauma-informed reporting app that will enable survivors to create confidential, time-stamped documents about their assault, and will streamline next-steps for them, including access to wellbeing and healthcare services. We are looking to create this app with three principle options: to record incidents of sexual assault, to send this report directly to student services, or to store a report until another survivor files against the same perpetrator, provided their identity is given. In addition we are working alongside a mental health team in order to ensure every step is sensitive to victims’ trauma. We are also considering other additional features including immediate response options, accelerated booking of counselling services and a streamlined information pool of support materials.


    Our app is inspired by an American project called ‘Callisto’, which was launched in August 2015 at the University of San Francisco and at Pomona College. This project has been so successful in the U.S. it now supports thirteen campuses and supports 149,000 students. It has since expanded beyond college campuses to professional industries, where the unique matching system will be implemented to identify serial perpetrators of sexual assault and/or harassment.


    Until now, across Scotland or the UK, technology has not been used to empower survivors in this way despite the number of reported sexual offences being at an all time high. Furthermore, what is even more worrying, is that only one in five people who say they have been assaulted actually report their incident to the police. Therefore, we believe the creation of this app will revolutionise the system for dealing with sexual assault on campus for the better.


    We have already developed the basic prototype code and have a strong idea about the direction in which we would like to take it. However, we are looking for support in the running/maintenance of the app and creation of individual pages (e.g information page). This would also involve the improvement of aesthetics and the visual layout.


    Due to the nature of our work and the charitable status of our organization we would like to ask you to consider working with us at a discounted rate.

    All of us currently working on the project are volunteers who are passionate about bringing about change and hope we can share enthusiasm with you.


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