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    Virtual Addiction Recovery

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    Project description:

    Virtual Recovery is a not-for-profit initiative to connect addicts to recovery programmes and services through the use of technology.


    Addiction recovery plans can work if the agency providing the programme can connect to an addict. I am living proof of that. Disconnection, though, is an addict’s greatest enemy and the biggest threat to their recovery. However, while agencies like AA and NA do a fantastic job, their reach is restricted by the physical locations where they are able to connect to addicts because of geography. Even when agencies are accessible, some addicts will be intimidated by turning up at physical meetings – especially young people who feel more comfortable communicating electronically. This is a particular issue when young people represent a large proportion of addicts.


    I have launched Virtual Recovery to address these problems by providing some of the services that recovery programmes offer through the web and mobile apps. In addition, it will provide a gateway to physical recovery programmes.


    Virtual Recovery is in its infancy and I am looking for help from people who can donate their time and skills to bring the programme to market. I am receiving business mentoring through the Prince’s Trust, but I now need help with the technology side of the programme, particularly web services, app development and security.


    I am therefore contacting you to ask whether you may be able to help me with realising my dream, or if not, whether you can connect me to anyone else who may be able to do so. If you can help, could you please let me know a time when we could speak so I can explain more about my plans and what features I want to launch in the prototype product.


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    avanish kumar
    Dot net/Angular developer
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